Why I started this Blog

Kia Ora and Welcome to LittleMonkeys.

I am a mum of two boys, and I have chosen to bring them up as Kiwis, in New Zealand. They are now both at school, and I have the energy and time to string a few sentences together and write the odd blog post. I do look back at the baby and toddler years with fondness, but oh my god am I celebrating the fact that I made it through and my new found freedom! This is not a blog for new parents!

This blog allows me to share my experiences of parenting my little boys. It will be honest, possibly insightful and if you are a mum with little monkeys it should give you a laugh or two. As a mum, I have good days and bad days, sometimes I’m laughing,  and sometimes I’m so angry and frustrated I have a good cry. I’m not an expert, but I love my kids and I try my best. I have screwed up many times, but there are definitely some things I’m proud of.

I started LittleMonkeys as some kind of therapy. I enjoy writing and I love parenting, but I do find having boys very challenging at times. I find some comfort in talking to my friends with girls, but I really enjoy talking to other mums of boys and listening to their horrifying stories. We seem to share an understanding that ironically needs no words!

My little monkeys have turned my life upside down.  Parenting can be confusing and slightly more challenging when it is not the country you grew up in. I had my childhood in England, where Easter is in Spring (which does actually make a lot of sense), and now I am raising my kids in a country where Easter is in Autumn,  Halloween is in Spring and Christmas is in Summer. When I went to school, the school year started in September and ended in July. In New Zealand, the school year ends in December and the whole country closes down until February when the new school year starts. It has taken me a long time to get my head around all of this and now to confuse me further, my kids are trying to communicate with me in sign language and teach me Te Reo Māuri!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and we can celebrate being mums of boys and embrace the craziness! You’ll find us kicking a football around at a park, playing tag, or I’ll be standing under a tree somewhere while my monkeys swing from the branches. If you see a mum of boys looking incredibly strung out, don’t judge, just be kind, show some compassion and smile!