Waterproof Trousers Rock

Last week it rained all day for 5 days in a row. I love Wellington, but last week it was miserable. The kids were bouncing off the walls, I had piles of wet stinky washing and as a parent, I was sick of getting wet on the school run. Out came the waterproof trousers and bingo I remembered why I love them!

As a Kiwi Brit, I find it funny that many Kiwi’s just carry on in denial through winter in their shorts and jandals. They dress for summer even if it’s only 8 degrees. Then they complain when it rains and they have to put on a jacket!

This time last year, I went to collect my eldest son from school. I had already collected my little one from kindy in the pouring rain and was wearing my sexy pair of black waterproof trousers and some gorgeous, shiny, black gumboots.

My son came out of the classroom…

“Hi mate, how was your day?” I asked.

“Good,” he said. He is still a man of few words at just 6 years-old.

“It’s chucking it down with rain out there,” I said, “You need your raincoat on and your waterproof trousers” and I got them out of his bag.

While I was doing this, I heard a boy from his class ask,
“Mum why is she wearing those trousers?” I looked at him and smiled.

His Mum looked me up and down and while looking me straight in the eyes, she said: “That’s what English people do”!

Really is it? Not because it’s raining then, and I want to keep myself dry?! Duh. I’ve never forgotten it.

I’m too sexy for my trousers

I am proud to be a dork.

When I pick my kids up in the rain, I don’t give a monkey’s about looking sexy. I get my wet weather gear on and I never worry about whether my lipstick matches my gumboots. I’m happy because my knickers are dry and I have less washing to do!

If school pick-up is a fashion parade then I’m going to join the kids and rock it in my sexy, black, PVC trousers. Yeeeah!

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