The Top 20 Most Soul-Destroying Mum Jobs Ever

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I bet you thought that you’d have some free time when the kids started school – didn’t you? Think again!

The simple fact is, the soul-destroying mum jobs don’t suddenly disappear when your kids start school, but there is one big difference – now you’re doing paid work too.

My boys are now nearly 7 and 8 years-old. They spend 30 hours a week at school, which apparently means I have 30 hours of ‘free time’ each week. Bahahahaha. It hasn’t taken me long to fill this ‘free time’.

In the morning, after school drop off, I try and fit in half an hour of ‘soul-destroying mum jobs’ before work, work, work, work, then it’s a quick half an hour of more of depressing jobs and back to school for pick up.

What are these soul-destroying mum jobs?

You know, the crap chores you have to do, that no one else ever does, and you never ever get any thanks for… 

Here is the Top 20:

  1. Tidying up the house.
  2. Wiping pee off the toilet seat and off the floor.
  3. Scrubbing poo off the toilet and other disgusting places.
  4. Cleaning soiled undies. 
  5. Scrubbing carpet and cleaning up any kind of puke.
  6. Washing mud out of socks.
  7. Clearing up a trail of blood from nosebleeds. 
  8. Sponging and cleaning up spilt drinks.
  9. Removing stickers from everywhere.
  10. Scrubbing pen and pencil marks off walls and furniture.
  11. Picking up random pieces of paper and sellotape.
  12. Throwing away ‘special creations’.
  13. Laundry – hanging it out, folding and putting it away. 
  14. Sweeping the floor & vacuuming.
  15. Cleaning snot and fingerprints off windows.
  16. Brushing shredded tissue off clothes from washing machine.
  17. Preparing meals that no one eats. 
  18. Cleaning out school bags when lunchboxes leak.
  19. Changing wet and soiled sheets and duvet covers. 
  20. Picking up snotty tissues and putting them in the bin.

These mum jobs totally suck. It’s the fact that they go unnoticed and you don’t get paid for them that makes it so much worse. If those jobs make you feel crap – you’re not. It’s the mum jobs that suck not you. You are the most important person in your children’s lives and you’re doing an amazing job.

You can take some pleasure in knowing that as mums, we all do these soul-destroying jobs – we just don’t talk about it! 

“How was your day?” we ask other mums at school pick up. 

“Good thanks,” we say. “You?”

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#Blog written by Jenny Wishart, Choice Words #Photo by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash