How to Spruce up a Boys Bedroom

Do you love DIY? You’ll love this project! First you need to pick a theme! Do your boys like Superheroes? Pirates, Dinosaurs, Rugby, or Soccer? Whatever it is, pick a character that stands out for them and this will help you pick a theme for your bedroom spruce up and help you choose a few choice colours!

1.      Paint a Feature Wall

If you can’t afford to paint a whole room, paint one wall! Get down to Bunnings or Mitre10 and grab a few colour charts. You’ll find lots of exciting zingy colours that really spruce up a kids room. My boys love blue so we painted their feature wall Dulux ‘Houghton Bay’. I love Dulux’s playful colours. Check out ‘Kenepuru’ if you want a dark navy blue, if you want a lighter blue there is ‘Farewell Spit’ or a refreshing minty green is ‘Horseshoe Falls’.  The paint is quick to dry, so you can go for it while the kids are at school or playing sports one morning. However, if the walls are a mess, you will need to grab some filler, fill the holes, and sand before you slap on some paint! Check out Bunnings How To Videos:

2.      Bed Covers

Don’t want to paint? It’s great how a colourful bed cover can really personalise a kids bedroom without needing to paint or wallpaper a wall! My boys love superheroes, so for me I knew I had to just keep my eye out for a bargain. Batman or Avengers themed stuff is not cheap. Kmart have a really good range of single duvet covers for boys which retail at just $14! If you don’t mind secondhand, let other people know what you are looking out for before the school holidays and someone might think of you when they are having a clear out. Sometimes Spotlight has a good sale on branded bed covers, but Briscoes and the Warehouse have a fantastic clearance section which I go to every time I am in there – you never know what will show up. I found Marvel Avengers single duvet cover sets for just $25 each.

3.      Wall Decals

I absolutely love Cheeky Raskal Decals.  They have lots of different ways to jazz up bedroom walls if you’re renting and not allowed to paint or just simply want to spruce up a boring wall and continue your superhero theme! They’ve got lightning bolts, bats etc. They are easy to put on and can be applied to painted, wood or laminate surfaces. Easy to take off too – so put them out of reach!

4.      Posters in Frames

Frame a poster
Who Framed Batman?

When I first came to NZ I could not believe the cost of picture frames OMG! Luckily, they are more affordable thanks to – yes – you’ve guessed it – Kmart! They have huge A1 and A2 frames and actually I think the Warehouse do too, which are awesome for making a Batman poster look more of a permanent thing. No blue tack, no sticky tape and little fingers don’t rip them off the wall or draw all over them! When they grow out of the poster or their interests change, just change the poster and hang the frame back up again.


5.      Cushions, Curtains and Headboards

Make a cushion
A Huge Floor Cushion

As your husband hates them, you probably think boys don’t like cushions?! My little monkeys love cushions for wrestling on, building forts and it gives my back extra support when I’m sitting on their bedroom floor or telling that bedtime story! For those who are nifty with a sewing machine, Spotlight has some great Disney or Marvel fabrics, and cheap cushion inserts can be picked up at sewing ‘emporiums’ pretty cheaply. You could recover a headboard or make bedroom curtains? If sewing is not your thing, maybe Nanna can sew if you buy the fabric?!


6.      Storage

I love the colourful plastic boxes that can be stacked from Bunnings, they are less than $10 and can be put at the bottom of a wardrobe or you can splash out and buy a cubby from Bunnings, Target, or Warehouse Stationery (probably the cheapest) and use them as drawers. My kids love dressing up and the costumes drive me mad, so I bought a large toy chest with a hinge top so we can stuff them all in. It makes tidying up quick and easy for them and the top makes a great seat. Also, if your kids are sharing a room, consider getting bunks – it gives your kids so much more space to play. You can also put drawers underneath for all that lego!

Now, what are you waiting for?!! Get stuck in!