Losing My Mind With Nits

NITS, NITS, NITS! I can hear many of you groan! I have spent every night in the bathroom looking for nits for the last 7 days and I’m losing my mind.

My 5-year old has eczema, so in the past when I have seen him scratching his head I have always assumed it’s a little bit of dandruff. However, I overheard someone talking in the playground and when my son was scratching his head one evening I decided to take a better look.  We were just about to read a bedtime story, I put his head on my lap and looked at his scalp near the crown of his head. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I was horrified to see some little brown specks there and on the sides of his head above his ears.

I crazily whipped him upstairs, got the clippers out and shaved his head. Disappointingly, I found the headlice were still there. I had just created more mess for me to clear up and felt like a shit mum for yelling at him.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a nit comb I had no choice but to bundle him back into bed.

The next day I dashed over to the pharmacy. Apparently, headlice thrive in clean hair, they can’t jump, fly or swim, they don’t survive off the human head. They are just highly contagious, make your head itch and they are bloody annoying to get rid of!!

How to get rid of head lice (according to my pharmacist): 

  • Smother your head with something greasy, like coconut oil and work it through the scalp.
  • Cover your head in Glad wrap for at least 20 mins to stun/suffocate the lice.
  • Comb through the hair thoroughly with a nit comb, checking the comb for nits by wiping it on a tissue or rinsing the comb with water.
  • Dry comb the hair through the next day, checking the comb or rinsing it with water.
  • 2 Days later shampoo the head with a chemical-free NIT shampoo.
  • Treat everyone in the family at the same time.

On my 5-year old’s head, I found plenty of lice and eggs this way. I’ve dry combed his hair every day this week and found no more lice. I have to continue combing his hair for a week apparently and should really do the NIT shampoo again.

It’s ok combing the boy’s short hair, but it’s a friggin nightmare on long hair. I’ve had to use a nit comb to comb my own hair. It was so difficult.  I was gutted to discover that the little buggers had made it to my scalp. I had an itchy rash on my neck (which is another symptom), but I thought it was an allergic reaction to something my hairdresser had put on my head! Doh! I asked my husband to comb and check for nits, but he was so crap at it a gorilla would have done a better job! I will definitely have to use the NIT shampoo again to get rid of them completely.

Let’s hope this bedtime routine doesn’t continue for too bloody long or I’m going to go insane…

If you have any tips on how to get rid of nits or an experience you would like to share, I’m keen to know! Please add a comment or post under this blog on the Little Monkeys Facebook page. Thanks!