HelloFresh: Is it any good for young families?

HelloFresh at Home

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for Hello Fresh? If you haven’t, it’s a meal-kit service that delivers recipes and fresh ingredients straight to your door. Just like My Food Bag and Woop

Had it not been for a friend asking me to try a free week of HelloFresh, I probably wouldn’t have bothered trying it. 

Why? Well, the main reason probably being I’m stuck in a rut. Lockdown has killed any passion I had for cooking and since then, I’ve just been cooking the same old stuff.

We are a family of four. I’ve got two boys, ages 7 and 8. I usually stick to easy recipes I know the kids will eat.  Also, I cannot eat wheat and spicy food. But I thought “why not try it?”, so I signed up for a ‘free box’. 

Our first week

The box arrived with five large paper bags full of stuff, a chiller bag with meat and dairy and five recipe cards. It was hard to cram into my fridge, but I have to admit, I was excited! 

On the first night, we chose Tex Mex Nachos. I pulled out the right colour bag and inside were wheat wraps. I got my ‘GF wraps’ from the pantry for me and used these for the kids. The kids gobbled it up. Everything was going well until halfway through their bedtime story I had to run to the toilet. I did not check the ingredients in the sauce. Damn. 

Ingredients for one recipe

I felt cautious and scared that I had made a mistake, but I cooked the other meals and the rest of the week went really well. My boys loved reading the recipe cards, tried most things and there was so much chopping and reading involved, I didn’t have time to be bored. 

A week didn’t seem like a long enough trial – so I decided to continue for another few weeks.

What is great about HelloFresh?

  • You get to enjoy healthy, delicious home-cooked meals
  • It’s delivered straight to your door
  • You have peace of mind knowing dinner is sorted
  • There are heaps of different yummy recipes to try 
  • It relieves the boredom of menu planning
  • Meal preparation is easy and you’ll learn new skills
  • Your kids will get excited about dinner time
  • There are usually leftovers for lunch the next day
  • No more last-minute supermarket trips

What sucks about HelloFresh?

  • You can only order for two or four people (not three or five)
  • You have to remember to make the cut off if you want to suspend your order
  • It can feel weird if you are not used to following a recipe!
  • Recipes are not always easy to follow and understand
  • There is a heck of a lot of grating and chopping 
  • You need a large fridge to fit the bags in
  • Pantry items are still required e.g. olive oil, butter, and honey
  • No wheat-free/GF options for the family recipes
  • Some meals are way too spicy for young kids
  • You end up with lots of little packets of unused food

What does it cost?

Well, a friend gifted my first trial box and then I got a voucher for $40 off the next two weeks. I order the ‘family-friendly’ box for two adults and two kids. 

Four meals for a family of four is $134.96 plus $9.99 delivery cost. It’s possible to change the number of meals you require from week to week and you can add extra meals or extras like garlic bread, soups and fruit if you wish. 

Did the kids like it?

“I miss spaghetti bolognese”, said my 7-year-old. After three weeks, he is kicking up a fuss when he sees spinach, roasted veg and he hates anything with yoghurt. My 8-year-old loved all the spicy food and actually really enjoyed trying new flavours. I think he’s going to be a real foodie one day! 

My boys are more excited about getting a new cardboard box each week – and they are not the only ones!

Ooh a box!

Would I recommend HelloFresh?

Overall, I have really enjoyed trying new recipes and flavours with HelloFresh. It was refreshing after the lockdown boredom to try new things. 

However, it is very annoying that there are no GF or wheat-free recipes. I have to make sure I have wheat-free alternatives in my pantry. Like quinoa instead of couscous, GF breadcrumbs and GF wraps. I’m going to look into Woop and My Food Bag and see what they do.

It can also be a chore to make everything from scratch just before you eat it. Especially as I am solo parenting during the week and I have to get kids to cubs, swimming, football etc. 

But, I’ve decided to continue for a while. Ordering three to four meals a week gives me the flexibility to whip up macaroni cheese or beans on toast for those nights that are way too busy and my husband isn’t at home. Plus, I can skip a week whenever I want. The online app makes it easy.

Save $50 off your first order!

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