Espresso, Kittens and Kids

I recently had a lunch date with my husband and this was the sign at the bar. I love it.

Please keep an eye on your children or we will give them an espresso and a kitten.

On Saturday were lucky enough to go for a lunch date as both of the boys were invited to the same birthday party. This meant for once my husband and I were in the same place, without the kids.  My husband had just returned from a fortnight traveling for work, and the two of us were feeling pretty exhausted but for different reasons. He was tired from driving, client meetings and several bad nights sleep without air conditioning and me, I was tired from having to do everything kid-related and house-related… and now kitten-related too!


That’s because a kitten just walked across my lap and the laptop.

These guys are so damn cute. We have had them nearly a week now. One is black and white and the other is tabby and white. The boys have named them Jess (from Postman Pat) and Jake (and the Neverland Pirates). I am slouching right down now with Jake sprawled across my chest. He is purring his head off. I love the feel and sound of the purrrrrrrrrr. Jake is Mr. Smooch he just can’t get enough of pats and cuddles. He lets the kids hold him upside down like a baby. Amazing really. Jess lifts his nose in the air whenever something is cooking, and I’ve already had to save him several times from an early death in the dishwasher. He also likes licking toes and chasing blown up balloons, totally unfazed when they pop, rushing off with the knotted bit as though he’s won a prize.

My kids have gone mental. I don’t know what I was thinking! The morning routine has now totally gone out of the window – they are totally distracted by everything the kittens are doing. The first morning the kids had breakfast with the kittens in the same room, they were screeching with joy, screaming with excitement, laughing and then it all ended in tears………. while the kittens jumped up onto the table and started lapping up the milk from the kids breakfast bowls.

My husband also isn’t enjoying the morning craziness! He was not impressed when he trod in a runny cat shit just under the bed.

Ahhh. Fun.

I’m totally stoked and so happy to have some fur babies to love all over again. I’m warm and fuzzy because I rescued these fluffies from the SPCA and I have cat cuddles every day. To be continued!