Our Musical Menagerie

This was the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) and it was to be a ‘family concert’, plus my lovely friend Chris Lam Sam was presenting and narrating. I read the info and it said the show was 50-minutes. Chris is a fantastic children’s presenter and musician, and I am keen that the kids get exposure to all different kinds of music. I thought it was worth a try and bought the tickets. Find out how we got on!

Why I started this Blog

I am a mum of two boys and I have chosen to bring them up as Kiwis in New Zealand. They are now both at school and I have the energy and time to string a few sentences together every now and again for the odd blog post. This Blog allows me to share my experiences of parenting my little monkeys with you. It will be honest, possibly insightful and if you are a mum with boys it should give you a laugh or two!