Advice I Would Have Given Myself About Breastfeeding

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If you persisted and succeeded in breastfeeding that’s awesome. Breastfeeding is natural, normal and enjoyable for you and your baby. I found our antenatal class was fantastic at promoting breastfeeding, but at the time it didn’t answer several questions we had, so, I thought as it is World Breastfeeding Week, I would share some advice that I wish I had been told about breastfeeding!

Our Musical Menagerie

This was the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) and it was to be a ‘family concert’, plus my lovely friend Chris Lam Sam was presenting and narrating. I read the info and it said the show was 50-minutes. Chris is a fantastic children’s presenter and musician, and I am keen that the kids get exposure to all different kinds of music. I thought it was worth a try and bought the tickets. Find out how we got on!