6 Types of School Fair Mum: Which One Are You?

Our local primary school in Wellington, NZ has just had its biggest annual fundraiser – the school fair. On the day I ran the face-painting and my boys had a fantastic time on the day playing old school games and eating plenty of candy-floss. They each had $10 to spend and came home with a pair of roller blades each and plenty of lollies. Despite the change in weather (that’s Wellington for you!), it was a great community event and the fair raised $36,000 for the school.

It takes every kind of mum (and dad) to make a great school fair, but whether you’re a PTA mum or a ‘hell no’ mum you are sure to recognise yourself here!

Here are 6 types of school fair mum:

1.The PTA Mum

Really loves being on the PTA and organising fun activities for everyone else to take part in. Keen to sign up everyone she knows to help out. Usually is friendly, positive and amazingly persuasive – she knows how to make any mum feel guilty! Her husband is involved, her kids, her parents and every other poor soul that she has bumped into in Countdown.

2. The Guilty Mum

A mum who really has no free time at all, but feels desperately guilty about it when people ask her to volunteer. Donates a gift for the auction or raffle, makes a cake, or if rubbish at baking sends the child in with a homemade gift or a bag of lollies. Anything to ease the mum guilt.

3. The Yes Mum

This mum has 3+ kids, and therefore spends hours washing clothes, walking dogs and taking her various sprogs to after-school activities. Usually, this mum volunteers regularly and signs up to everything, but then at the last minute realises they have over-committed on the day and don’t have time to help.

4. The Hell No Mum

Feels no shame in binning fair notices and feels no responsibility whatsoever to the school. Has already decided what excuses she will have prepared when the PTA mum asks and feels no shame about telling everyone she is hopeless with a sewing machine and cannot bake.

5. The Fair Resenter Mum

Already over committed with work and life in general, this mum decides to take on the running of a stall. Before she knows it, every spare minute for her time is spent planning, shopping, organising a stall and rounding up volunteers. The stress eats her away inside and on the day (before the fair has even started) she has screamed at her partner and her kids. The day after the fair she spends the day in her pyjamas feeling sorry for herself – hating everyone.

6. The Do It On The Day Mum

Volunteers when asked, but has absolutely no time to do anything before the day. Why should she – when she is giving up watching her daughters ballet performance to sell cakes on the day? Reliably turns up on the day and really enjoys the day. Only her daughter is pretty pissed and won’t let it go for years.

So which mum are you? Thanks for reading and please share! To stay up to date with my recent blogs you can follow LittleMonkeys on Facebook and Instagram. Come back to LittleMonkeys for more giggles!

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