50 Awesome Things To Do With Your Kids this Summer

We’ve just had a fantastic Christmas at home in Wellington, NZ. The weather has been amazing and we’ve had plenty of time at the beach. This week though my husband has gone back to work, I am back to working part-time, but the kids are still on holiday for another month! Aggghh!

During the holidays it’s up to me to keep them busy. At home, my boys love to play outside on their trampoline (the single best investment we have ever made), and do anything involving water! Inside they love to make things out of cardboard boxes and build things out of Lego and K’Nex for hours. There is only so much looking for Lego pieces I can handle! My little monkeys are a great age for creative activities like craft and painting, but when the weather is good I get them straight outside! We have plenty of holiday outings, as the great thing about living in Wellington is there is so much to do with kids.

The summer holidays are long, do you find yourself running out of ideas? Well, to save you the time, I have pulled together a kiwi summer fun bucket list so that you can get some inspiration when the kids say “I’m bored!”

Kiwi Summer Fun Bucket List, 50 fun things to do with kids!
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You’ll see on our Instagram feed we’ve done lots of things on the list already (as I am sure you have too). Including going to the beach, paddling in a creek, visiting a museum, going on a bush walk, playing at a splash pad and getting arty and painting some rocks.

My 7-year-old has really enjoyed reading the summer bucket list and has started to tick things off. He’s already chosen what he wants to do next and is excited about the week – bless him! It looks like tomorrow we will be planting a swan plant and looking forward to watching some monarch butterflies lay eggs.

My 7 year-old ticking off the things he has already done this school holiday!

My 7-year-old has stuck our list up in the kitchen. I am grateful I have something to refer to and it’s become a family thing. It’s bloody exhausting having to think of something to do every day! Especially when I’m doing it alone. However, I hope it means my 7-year-old isn’t going to expect us to do everything on the list…. Heck, what have I done?!

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and relaxing New Year’s break and still have time for a bit more fun! Thank you for supporting LittleMonkeys and reading my blog. Come back again! You can follow LittleMonkeys on Instagram and if you haven’t already, find us on Facebook! Kia Kaha xx